Lets GeoTime that!

Pattern of Life in Time and Space
GeoTime is a powerful tool for understanding time-space data faster using 3D.
Watch behavioral patterns develop over a 2D map using GeoTime's unique third axis: time.


Device Agnostic

GeoTime Integration

Used Worldwide

Collaborative Working


All Your Secondary Data

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The only distributed web-scale platform designed to consolidate all your secondary data and workflows.

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Software-Defined Storage

Compuverde's key features and benefits

Future-proof through a converged, compustorage-based solution

A completely software-defined attitude and approach to development

Extreme scale-out of virtual machines without performance losses

Size-independent vNAS – start small and grow beyond existing needs

GeoTime® – Pattern of Life in Time and Space

Analyze Faster & Smarter

  • Drastically reduced time spent on data formatting
  • Automatic top statistics and visual summaries provide additional insights at one glance.
  • Easily see patterns of life in 3D that couldn’t be interpreted in traditional 2D mapping solutions, such as Google Maps

IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) contest winner for three years in a row! VAST 2008 Grand Challenge Award.

To find out more about training in the use of GeoTime, check out our future training events below.

Tracking, Monitoring, Command & Control

Agnostic to devices and with over a 100 already integrated, Evolution2 builds on over 25 years of experience in the Tracking, Monitoring and Control of GPS devices.  The NEW Graphical User Interface offers the agency the ability to bring the Operational Surveillance and Analytical disciplines closer together enhancing the usefulness of the data captured.

Other solutions offered by JTOL include:

Compuverde is the most user-friendly, software-defined storage solution out there and it delivers in all fields according to its users.

Stratoscale enables IT to transform any hardware
and offer an application-centric and service-driven
AWS Region within the enterprise data center.

Cohesity is the only distributed web-scale platform designed to consolidate all your secondary data and workflows.

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