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Lets GeoTime that!

Pattern of Life in Time and Space
GeoTime is a powerful tool for understanding time-space data faster using 3D.
Watch behavioral patterns develop over a 2D map using GeoTime's unique third axis: time.

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Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking...



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GeoTime® – Pattern of Life in Time and Space

  • Drastically reduced time spent on data formatting
  • Automatic top statistics and visual summaries
  • Easily see patterns of life in 3D

IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (VAST) contest winner for three years in a row! VAST 2008 Grand Challenge Award.

To find out more about training in the use of GeoTime, check out our future training events below.

Modern Day Slavery and Human Trafficking investigations aid

  • Search vast areas of the deep web or other media troves
  • Find connections to known subjects
  • Discover network personas in a fraction of the time

UK Lead MDSHT Intelligence Analyst says:

“TellFinder has been pivotal in identifying the movement of trafficked victims across the UK for the purpose of sexual exploitation. No other systems provide investigators with this information at the click of a button”

Manage, analyze and search all of your agency’s investigative data

  • with nothing more than your web browser
  • on premise or hosted cloud deployments

Combine data from different sources

Quickly search and filter case data

Instant reporting and review with peers

Search across cases and within tower dumps

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